Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Letter-box Dublin

Not technically a Kassettenkopf tape proper, as it differs from the rest of these hopeless cases in that I have a vague I idea who will listen to it (the fact that I have any certainty that it will be listened to also differentiates it). It is "addressed" (and I do actually speak directly to "someone" on this one) to the people/person behind Letter-Box Dublin.

60mins long, type 1 cassette in opaque black plastic casing, manufacturer unknown. Adamov.
Left in the letter box in the little laneway down the side of The George that seems to be called Dame Lane, at approximately 12.00 on Wednesday 10th of July, 2008.

Not in a plastic bank bag;

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Letter Box Dublin said...

I was so happy to get your tape in my letter box. I think your project is really interesting, it has the exact feeling/purpose that i try to express in my interactive art. My class is having an exhibition in the broadstone gallery opening night: wednesday 23rd of july. I'm showing some of the letter that people have sent to letter box dublin. I'd love to show your tape, or even have it playing in the gallery. Is that cool with you? Do you want any information to be shown with the tape? like this blogspot address? please let me know as soon as possible! keep doing what your doing, its really important to have things like this in the world. Like making a paper aeroplane, closing your eyes and throwing it in the air, to surrendering it the wind and the world