Sunday, June 1, 2008

Web food

Some interesting links:

Polar Alert Top 100.
Look I know, I know, that background would probably sell for 200 euro in Urban Outfitters and as such I should be rolling my eyes and moving on. Someone collected 100 blank audio cassette covers and made another online timewaster - however it does resemble nether regions of my own room and looks really slick.
Easily written off as an example of pop culture's current schoolgirl crush on the 80s, but it... pertains... to the rest of this post and this blog and I'll regret losing the link if I don't save it.

HarSmedia Found Tapes

The website/blog of Dutch artist Harold Schellinx. Among (many)other things, he picks up pieces of tape on the street and listens to them. YES. He then records them in his blog and as far as I can make out most of them are up on his site as mp3s so you can have a bittova listen. The SoundBlog is interesting reading in itself.

Loca. Stalking in the name of art, yes fucking please. They installed bluetooth nodes in various places in San José, which were able to track anyone with Bluetooth activated on their phone. They then sent them messages commenting on things they'd just done, the messages getting progressively more unsettling as time went by. Must try that sometime.


anaelle said...

Hello my darling, how are things? Just reading the part about stalking in the name of art... would you know sophie calle (Spelling?)she's some artist that one day decided to stalk this man in secret with a camera and when he flew off to venice, she even followed him there and even stayed in the same hotel. when he realised he told her to piss off, but she still followed him. and she did another thing where she got her mother to hire a private investigator to follow her aroud in secret. I think shes a bit of a not. But all in all the reason i commented was because i wanted to be your first, let me know how it was...

anaelle said...

I like the 90's theme you commented on and i like that, any tips are very welcome, maybe you could have a quick look tomorrow????